Azure Synapse Analytics: 2-Hour Briefing

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Learn how Azure Synapse can improve your business analytics

Data is one of the most powerful assets a business can possess, but too much data from too many sources creates barriers that delay critical business decisions. During this 2-hour briefing, our certified consultant will review how Azure Synapse can break down your data barriers and accelerate your path to insight and action.

We will cover everything you need to know, including its use cases, capabilities, advantages, setup, Power BI integration, and optimization. We will also work with you to fully comprehend your current environment and identify areas where Azure Synapse can add value. By the end of the briefing, you will have a clear understanding of how Azure Synapse can be used to improve your organization’s analytics.

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • IT Business Heads
  • Technical Solution Leads


  • Overview of Azure Synapse with Power BI capabilities
  • Reporting with integrated Power BI
  • Overview of Azure Synapse best practices


  • Overview of Azure Synapse features and capabilities
  • Identification of Azure Synapse opportunities and value-adds
  • Use cases and implementation strategy based on your business scenario
  • Implementation guidelines and recommendations for Azure Synapse
  • Licensing options, costs, and governance recommendations

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