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OBJECTIVE+ provides a wide range of services for ongoing operational problems like the optimization of quality inspections or the detection of objects.

MHP as one of the leading IT and management consulting companies worldwide will support and enable the client team to apply a new and disruptive technology for industrial image processing.

We advise individually for each use case. Starting with the requirements analysis, through camera technology and lighting, to process integration and release in production. We take over the implementation for the labelling of the images, the processing in a test plan and the optimization of the deep learning models. We can draw on AI specialists for object recognition. Due to the openness of the technology, we can use the optimal deep learning framework for the application.

OBJECTIVE+ offers the possibility to provide infrastructure components quickly, thanks to specific Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates defined for certain application scenarios. These templates are used to deploy predefined PaaS services, e.g. cloudways, storage components, machine learning components, virtual machines (VM) or triggers.

*The hereby mentioned price reflects the costs of an average use case in industrial end control . Additional costs may arise depending on the scope of requested consulting activities.

Outcome objective: Customer-centric, end-to-end consulting services incl. implementation and rollout of a trained model for an object recognition use case based on Microsoft Azure. Provision of the inference environment. The ability to support the use case through the help of Nvidia Omniverse.

MHP follows a 5-step approach for its successful implementation:

Analyze: IT/OT Architecture, process, inspection requirements Specify: light, camera, runtime environment Preparation: image labelling, implementation of test plan Training & test: model training and optimization Deploy: model integration at the shopfloor

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