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AzStudio PaaS Platform: 1-hr Briefing

Monza Cloud

A 1-hr briefing on our AzStudio Platform and how it can rapidly accelerate Azure PaaS development.

AzStudio 1-hr briefing enables a holistic view of cloud-centric design and delivering controls to meet your development and DevOps needs. This session walks through how our Configuration as a Service (CaaS) and Application Building Blocks enable rapid PaaS development or Legacy .NET app modernization in a fast, standardized secure approach across your organization.

Briefing Key Benefits:

  • Demonstrate best-practices created via platform standardization eliminating development process pain points in Azure PaaS development.

  • Demonstrated speed-to-market increases via AzStudio's Configuration as a Service (CaaS) and Application Building Blocks in development and DevOps with the most flexible approach on the market. .

  • Learn how to mitigate development & security risks due to constant delays, poor coding practices, multiple environments, technical debt, and lack of developer expertise.

  • Calculate time & costs saved developing with AzStudio vs working without AzStudio (40-60% savings) with our AzStudio Development Calculator.

Our service offering is focused around Azure PaaS development and is applicable across all industries and the most cost effective approach to accelerating development in the cloud

Key Buyers: CTO, CIO, VP of Applications, Azure Architect, DevOps Manager, .NET Developer