SAP on Azure: 2 Hour Briefing

NTT Limited

An introduction to our SAP on Azure services.

For Financial Executives and Managers and IT Executives and Managers

As SAP ECC platform mainstream support approaches its end-of-life in 2027, and with core SAP products being re-optimised for the SAP HANA database, it’s time to transform your SAP platform and move it to Azure.

Our secure and reliable Migration and Managed SAP Services from Dimension Data prepares your business today for the global opportunities of tomorrow. By modifying your platform into an agile and flexible ERP system, removing complexities, and improving efficiencies, you’re guaranteeing your organisation’s success for years to come.

This briefing will help organisations understand our process for planning and executing your organisation's migration of your SAP systems to Azure

An introduction to the processes, pitfalls and expectations for migrating you organisation's core SAP systems to Azure. Gain an understanding to the considerations required for a successful migration of your critical systems to Azure.

This 2 hour briefing will cover the following:

  • Brief introduction to the SAP on Azure methodology
  • Migration processes and options for moving SAP to Azure
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Expectations for a migration
  • Reducing downtime for your company's critical core systems during migration
  • Introduction to the landscape review and outputs