Azure Cost Optimization: 1-day Assessment

Petabytz Inc

Optimize your Azure infrastructure costs with our solution, we will work with you to analyze your cloud usage and recommend changes

If you have migrated to Azure but spending too much on cloud costs and don’t believe you are receiving the full value of the cloud, an Azure Optimization Assessment can identify those areas that could be improved

Try assessment with us which focuses on analyzing of current cloud consumption and identifying opportunities for optimizing resources and costs.

Our Assessment will cover customers who are already in cloud. We provide you with accurate analytics and powerful automation to easily, quickly and reliably optimize your resources.

Our Azure engineers will assess and optimize your Azure deployment, to make sure your Azure cloud is properly designed and configured for following key areas:

Optimization areas

  1. Azure Cost optimization: analysis of cloud costs, identifying potential cost saving opportunities.

  2. Azure Governance & management: will help to start the transition to a modern cloud-based enterprise architecture using a solid set of controls for governance.

  3. AZURE CLOUD ARCHITECTURE: Ensure your cloud deployment is designed using industry best practices and built to scale, to make sure you meet your performance and uptime commitments to the business, and affords future opportunity as needed.

  4. SECURITY comparing existing security practices with Microsoft best practices and recommendations or optionally with organization’s security baseline.


  1. Current-state findings report

  2. Recommendations for each of the areas

  3. Recommendations for right-sizing, consolidation, architecture improvements, and other key areas of focus.