Cloud Placement Organizer: 1-Day Workshop

PwC GmbH WPG (Germany)

Multi and hybrid cloud migration strategy and planning for complex IT landscapes

PwC offers consulting services based on Cloud Placement Organizer for helping companies planning their hybrid and multi cloud environments in Azure.

Use cases:

  • Distribution of workloads in (multi) public cloud, private cloud or on-premise Azure environments
  • Analyze the landscape and distribute according to business and technical requirements such as compliance or legacy technology
  • Estimate costs before moving to the Azure cloud


Key functionality at a glance:

  • Analysis & visualization of the IT landscape in a dependency network
  • Estimation of future operating costs in Azure
  • Automated distribution planning according to business rules
  • Time savings due to high degree of automation


A cloud migration results in a system being moved from a source environment to a target environment. Often, during the migration, an adaptation of the architecture for the target environment is also carried out. Cloud Placement Organizer is a cloud planning tool that analyzes the current IT landscape and calculates the optimal placement – in the private or public cloud – of workloads (apps & servers) in the Azure cloud according to operating model (IaaS, PaaS), costs and compliance. Internal and external regulations and specifications are taken into account. Placement in the target system is fully automated – for companies, this means significant time savings compared to manual distribution. Simply upload the data of your IT landscape via drag & drop, select your constraints and get a preview of what your future IT landscape might look like in the Azure cloud with the Cloud Placement Organizer.