Data Strategy: 2-Days Assessment

PwC GmbH WPG (Germany)

Define your wished position for data, explore and prioritize use-cases, and understand which capabilities your organization needs to build up.

In this workshop we will guide you towards a robust and informed data strategy for your business. Our project proven framework covers three essential parts to formulate a successful data strategy:

  1. Aspirations: In the first step we help you set the general direction for your data strategy. This consideration will include factors such as your business strategy, your ambition for value creation through data, as well as external factors like regulatory framework and competitor situation.

  2. Use Cases: As the next step we will need to derive use cases from your aspirations to choose the right way-to-play. Therefore, we help you identify and prioritize analytics use cases. To pick the most promising use cases, we evaluate based on the expected value and ease of implementation.

  3. Capabilities: To achieve your aspirations for data and operationalize use cases, you need to have the right capabilities on your data platform. To ensure this, we analyze your current setup and assess the maturity of each data capability provided through your platform. Based on these assessments and the required capabilities of the use cases in scope, we conduct a gap-analyses and derive a target picture for your Azure data platform. Additionally, we will draft a roadmap for you to realize your target data architecture.

Depending on your previous considerations around data strategy, we will adjust the scope and focus on the most critical aspects given your company’s situation.

The entire workshop will be jointly delivered by Microsoft and PwC and is offered to you with zero cost charge.