App migration: 4-Wk implementation


We’ll migrate your business applications to the Azure cloud in 4 weeks

Migrate your .NET, Java, and Linux web apps to Azurein 4 Weeks

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with old, outdated tools and applications. The idea of migrating your business applications to the cloud sounds stressful and costly. It doesn't need to be like that. Make sure your organization doesn't lag behind because of an outdated system. You can move your business applications quickly and easily from expensive hardware to the cloud with RNET. Cloud migration is a continuous process that involves organizational change, process, and technology. We are taking a holistic approach that will not only help you navigate the journey successfully but also help ensure that your organization realizes new benefits—including efficiency, agility, and scale—once your workloads are running in the cloud. What is Application Migration? Application migration is the process of moving a software application from one IT environment to another. There are two common scenarios for application migration: switching from one public cloud to another, and migrating from on-premises servers to the cloud. When migrating applications to the cloud, the main challenge is compatibility. Cloud migration or moving from an on-premises data center to the cloud are both likely to fail if your application isn't compatible. Different migration strategies require different levels of application modification. A careful assessment of your application's compatibility with the target cloud is required before selecting a migration strategy, involving rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, or rebuilding.

Why move apps to Azure? Enjoy faster processing, simpler management, and more flexible configuration, so that your team can focus on higher-level initiatives. • Reduce costs and complexity • Align IT and business requirements • Enhance security • Reduce resource investments • Allow developers to quickly scale up apps • Optimize applications for peak performance

Migration plan: ANALYZE YOUR CURRENT IT ENVIRONMENT A detailed analysis of your existing IT infrastructure will be conducted by us. In order to help your business succeed, we look beyond the business application itself and identify the optimal solution based on how it's integrated and used within your organization. PLAN THE MIGRATION OF APPLICATIONS Our team will help you choose the best approach for your business, whether you're reusing, rewriting, replacing, or upgrading cloud applications. MIGRATE YOUR APPLICATION We’ll migrate your business applications to the Azure cloud. IMPROVE AND MANAGE Provide ongoing IT support, security, capacity planning, and backups for your cloud applications.

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