Managed Virtual Desktop: 2-Wk Implementation


Get a fully managed Remote Desktop, Remote App or VDI ready in weeks to enable your users to work from anywhere. Powered by Windows Virtual Desktop and 100% managed by Seepath

Enable your remote workforce with Seepath managed desktop solution. Boost employee productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Best End-user Experience. Deliver Windows 10 or Windows 7 with Office 365 desktop experience to your end users anytime, anywhere and across any device.
  • Efficient. One solution supports both desktop and remote app that makes it easy to quickly setup new employees or manage apps across user groups.
  • Highly Secure. Its built in Azure so security comes standard. Easily control access to sensitive company data.
  • Simplified Management. We take care of your Azure infrastructure, security, licensing and relieve you from the complexities of managing the WVD.

2-week Implementation

Assess and Plan. Conduct a full assessment and readiness review and develop a plan for your WVD deployment.
Design and Build. Design WVD architecture per unique needs of your organization and deploy our managed desktop solutions and remote app services in your dedicated Azure subscription.
Test and Scale. Test with small group users and rapidly scale per your needs.
Optimize and Operate. Implement WVD and Azure best practices related to security, management and operations of your WVD environment.

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