Permissioned Private Blockchain - 4-Wk PoC


Skcript helps enterprises take advantage of blockchain technology to address business problems.

Understanding blockchain's technical capabilities are crucial to any business before they could solve a business problem. We help you evaluate, ideate and build blockchain solution for your business need end-to-end (right from the blockchain framework to the UI of the product).

What we do

  • Week 1: Run Blockchain MVP Workshop to analyze and help arrive at the pain points and solutions that blockchain can help solving.
  • Week 2: Draw out a architecture that can scale even after the PoC is done with timeline and execution plan.
  • Week 3: Build the Proof of Concept.
  • Week 4: Deploy, test and deliver the Proof of Concept.

What you get as deliverables

  • Blockchain architecture document with detailed explanations.
  • Chain Code of the blockchain with all related code.
  • Developer Documentation.
  • Access to industry leading blockchain engineers.
  • Ongoing support for the solution.

Why Skcript?

  • All our PoCs can scaled for production. No major re-write.
  • We're a quality focused organization, everything we do revolves around this core value of the company.