DevOps as service scoping workshop - 3 hours

Solidify AB

Is your development team spending too much time managing your GitHub or Azure DevOps platform instead of focusing on actual development?

Do you want to free up your resources and eliminate the burden of supporting your DevOps platform?

Solidify can help identify your DevOps As a Service needs and implement the most suitable solution!


  • Engage in a 3-hour workshop with Solidify's experienced DevOps experts
  • Identify your unique requirements for DevOps as a Service
  • Define a clear roadmap on how Solidify can assist your organization in achieving software excellence

What you'll gain:

  • Get a dedicated main point of contact reachable through your preferred group communication software, email, or phone for seamless collaboration
  • Work collaboratively with us using a common backlog for planning and prioritizing to align with your development goals
  • Receive customized training for your development teams based on their specific needs
  • Benefit from our remote work capabilities, while also having the option for in-person meetings or trainings
  • Leverage our proactive approach to keep your Development platform up-to-date and in optimal condition, and our reactive support to assist with any questions or issues

Where we can help Solidify's DevOps experts cover a wide range of areas within the DevOps spectrum. We can provide expert assistance in the following areas, which are commonly challenging for organizations to manage on their own:

  • Upgrades
  • Migrations, moving your development platform to the cloud
  • General DevOps support
  • Pipelines, including setting up Microsoft/GitHub hosted agents or private agents in Azure or on-premises
  • Setting up development/test environments in Azure
  • Version control
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Monitoring and logging with application insight or other tools of your choice
  • Security and compliance