RightCloud - Azure Landing Zone Foundation: 3-Wk onboarding & deploy

Sopra Steria Norway

Standardized, secure and production ready operations and maintenance of your cloud platform in 3 weeks

RightCloud is Sopra Steria’s standardized product portfolio, developed to manage our customers’ cloud services. This offer includes deployment and onboarding to RightCloud - Azure Landing Zone Foundation in your own Azure tenant.

By deploying a one-time setup of the RightCloud - Azure Landing Zone Foundation, your business will be equipped with a production-ready, secure, and scalable infrastructure for your cloud platform. This foundational setup is created using a thoroughly tested implementation of Microsoft Azure Landing Zone reference architecture, ensuring a robust architecture for your cloud environments. The entire setup is implemented through infrastructure as code, adhering to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for a secure, automated, and scalable future.

Your team will benefit from pre-defined access roles and straightforward login procedures, facilitating easy and secure access to the system. We make sure you maintain high visibility and control, with optimal performance and security. Guardrails are based on Microsoft’s guidelines, which enforce security by providing a set of clearly defined rules and automated compliance checks, ensuring that platform usage remains secure within the boundaries of best practices and regulatory standards.

By embracing the democratization of landing zones, our approach breaks down barriers to cloud adoption, enabling agile and scalable expansion. The fact that we also have a cloud-native strategy and can share our code with our customers mitigates the risk of vendor lock-in. This allows your business to quickly adapt to changing needs while maintaining a robust and flexible cloud environment

In addition to the standardized foundation we’ve named Azure Landing Zone Foundation, we offer a rich selection of add-on products and services that can be activated to provide additional value in your cloud environments. This includes amongst others, services that handle compliance policy violations, self-service firewall changes, pre-configured PaaS services and flexible delivery models such as Landing Zone accelerators, Managed Services, cloud operations of brownfield environments, and consultant capacity from Site Reliability Engineers.

See below for examples of our RightCloud deliveries in the product catalogue.