Data Management Assessment of 6 days (timeboxed)


This assessment will highlight the main pain points of data management within your organisation, it will include a high level roadmap (Azure based) to address 1 pain point.

CHALLENGES Existing data management platforms (from traditional data warehouse and business intelligence environments to advanced analytics and big data environments) have often grown organically and typically suffer from one or more of the following challenges: Data Quality issues Data availability is poor Dependency on IT for business decisions Impossible to (re-)construct historical data Siloed approach to data Limitations imposed by legacy Lack of continuity in business insights

SOLUTION To address your challenges appropriately, it is key to look at the bigger picture and how it can be tackled with Azure components. For instance data quality issues need to be addressed at multiple levels: data governance, business, solution architecture, technical architecture and operational level. The assessment will look at a to be situation, standardized on the Microsoft Azure platform.

APPROACH Day 1: Intake & Scope Determine the main stakeholders (max 4) and scope of the assessment. Day 2-3: Interviews & Workshops Interviews or Workshops with the 4 stakeholder or stakeholder groups (business and IT need to be represented). Some or all of the 28 data management topics will be discussed to determine the main pain points of the existing environment. Day 4: Pain Points Typically 1 to 5 topics represent the main burden to be addressed first. A scoping document describes these findings and indicates the priority areas for further analysis. You select 1 pain point that gets analysed further. Day 5: Roadmap for 1 pain point The selected pain point is further analysed and with the input of the relevant stakeholder(s) a proposed to be situation is determined, using Azure Platform as target. A high level roadmap presented. Day 6: Presentation of Results The results of the assessment are presented. The Scoping document with pain points + a High Level Roadmap for 1 point.