Server Migration to Azure POC 1 week

Storage Technology Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Nexio

Allow us to migrate a single Azure compatible virtual machine from your on premises data center to Windows Azure. The demonstration will provide valuable insights for planning a broader migration.

Many organizations have the intention to move their servers and compute infrastructure to a public cloud platform in order to reduce or completely eliminate their data center costs. To better inform the migration plan and identify relevant topics that should be considered may require a hand-on demonstration of the migration process.

This offer will demonstrate the process for migrating a typical Azure compatible virtual machine / physical server from your on-premises data center to Windows Azure using only Azure native components. It is assumed that the virtual machine does not perform a business critical function or host any business critical data. In addition, the server will be migrated to an newly provisioned Azure environment (Azure Resource Group, VNET etc.) that is not intended to host any business critical functions in future.