Azure Machine Learning: 1-Hr Briefing

The Data Analysis Bureau

Discovery session on how to utilise your Azure architecture to accelerate your machine learning projects

T-DAB is a data science and engineering innovation company specialising in the development and delivery of bespoke, high-end machine learning solutions.

T-DAB is your key AI & Analytics partner, for guiding you on your data & analytics journey through our proven development process; bringing industry and domain best practice and insight to your business.

Machine learning and cognitive services are rapidly driving business change. Leveraging on-demand and tailored cloud services, provides your organisation with the flexibility to manage resources and costs effectively, and gain a competitive advantage.

Machine Learning can help you take that one step further with business and operational insights that can drive predictive modelling and automation to improve your business productivity.

This introductory briefing will articulate the benefits of iterative sprints to build or pilot machine learning concepts, and help you target business areas most likely to benefit within your organisations.

This will also consider the Azure services available to you needed to achieve your goal and highlight services that would provide further benefit.

The session will allow T-DAB to understand your needs and outline some possible next steps to allow you to explore machine learning in Azure for your business.

The briefing covers:

  • Machine learning
  • Developing your business use case
  • Understanding your available data and it's suitability
  • Benefits to your business
  • Your next steps