WeDX - IoT with Edge AI & Digital Twins, Inc.

WeDX - IoT with Edge AI & Digital Twins, Inc.

An IoT solution that manages customizable edge AI and digital twins

Introducing WeDX Server version 5. It's An IoT solution that manages customizable edge AI and digital twins on Azure Cloud. WeDX was developed with the .NET 5 based Blazor Server App.

WeDX started to manage IoT / Edge devices efficiently, and now Edge devices can be customized as Azure IoT Solution by integrating Digital Twins and Time Series Insights and Indoor Maps for time series visualization from AI model control.

Support mobile app

Click the link below to see the WeDX IoT Camera App

Post scripts

Click on the link below to run post scripts after deploying WeDX Server


  1. IoT Device Management
    • Setting parent device
    • Automatic state updating
    • QR code generator
  2. IoT Device Communication for WeDX IoT Camera
    • Live Streaming by C2D message
    • Text-to-speech by C2D message
    • Uploading Photos/Videos by C2D message
    • Photos/Videos file management
  3. Indoor Maps for Digital Twins : Post-script execution required Digital twins and Indoor maps
    • Point of the location
    • Including Digital Twins a sample scenario
  4. Edge Device Management
    • Platform management with Tags
    • Automatic state updating
  5. Edge Module Management - Module meta data
  6. Edge Flow Diagram
    • Generate development manifest
    • Control module - Direct Method, Module twin, Restarting, Logs
    • Supported Routing for Nested Edge
  7. DPS Enrollment Management with DTMI allocation
  8. IoT Central Device Management : Post-script execution required
  9. Dashboard
    • IoT/Edge Device, Edge Module, DPS Enrollment and Media Graph Node status
  10. Integrated with Time Series Insights : Post-script execution required
    • Visualizing of time series data by IoT/Edge devices
  11. Live Video Analytics Management : Post-script execution required
    • Switch live events and streaming endpoints
    • Play Assets
    • Media Graph Node management
    • Direct Method job management
    • Live Video Analytics Flow Diagram - Generate Media Graph Topology