EyeFitU SizeEngine™


EyeFitU SizeEngine™


Next generation AI Sizing Software for Apparel Retailers

The EyeFitU Size Engine Recommendation software works seamlessly with online fashion stores to provide their customers with personalised size recommendations.

Through our patented AI Sizing Engine, we provide your customers with a personalised shopping experience and build trust in your brand. We help you increase your AOV, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing your return rates.

📈 KPIs

1. Conversion Rate 7X higher

2. AOV 45% higher

3. Generate 45% of Total Revenue

4. Decrease in Returns 55%

5. Size Widget Usage: 30%

🚀 Easy and fast implementation for immediate results:

✅ We inject a custom script that is compatible with any e-commerce platform. No developer required.

✅ What we integrate: Body measurement size charts per store’s unique structure.

✅ Flexible customisation to match EyeFitU with the brand’s visual identity.

✅ Fast asynchronous loading. We won’t slow your page load time.

📢 Roll-out:

  We push updates to a testing environment, review with you and push live. Minimal operational load added to your team.

✅ Track EyeFitU influence on Conversion rates, AOV and engagement.

🤩 Intuitive user experience:

✅ Fastest customer onboarding leading to higher conversions: 4 clicks.

✅ Your customers don't need to know their size in another brand.

✅ Each person likes to wear clothes in their own way. We provide fit preferences as well as visualisation of how the clothes will fit them. This increases confidence and motivates your customers to buy in the right size and in their personal style.

💯 We get the sizing right:

✅ Multi-parameter algorithm supporting numerous measurements.

✅ Largest statistical database of body measurements by geographical region.

✅ User Generated Data & Machine Learning.

📊 Additionally, we provide you with relevant data: Body Measurements and Behavioural analytics as well as Return analytics.

🧬 We offer a series of Omnichannel Solutions such as digital clienteling, POS integration, smart mirrors, QR code instant sizing, enrichment of loyalty card and client login, enabling actionable marketing activities.

Still not sure if it is the right sizing tool for your shop? Let's have a look at it together. Contact us!