RKVST Zero Trust Fabric - Get it Now


RKVST Zero Trust Fabric - Get it Now


RKVST is a SaaS Zero Trust Fabric that bridges the trust gap between enterprises.

"One Click Asset Assurance"

RKVST (pronounced Archivist) is a SaaS platform that bridges the trust gap between enterprises.

We live in an increasingly connected and data-driven world, where “data is the new oil” and processes and supply chains are increasingly automated based on those data that flow between them.

But if software and data fuel your business, how can you be sure they are trustworthy?

You need to understand where everything in your estate came from, especially when it originated outside your organization. You need to know the full provenance of everything entering your estate and have faith in the auditability of that information.

If you rely on shared data with your supply chain partners you need a zero trust fabric. You need RKVST.

What is a Zero Trust Fabric?

The “Trust but Verify” approach can’t keep pace with the operating speed of digitally transformed businesses. Security audits go stale within days, and data is either locked away in silos (and unusable for DX) or must be assumed as trustworthy, even when it isn’t. And it’s even harder to prove data is reliable if it is shared from silos that are beyond your control. This is the trust gap, and it’s getting wider. Digital business must transform trust by verifying evidence first.

With RKVST you can continuously verify then trust data that originates outside your domain of control before making critical decisions. RKVST does this by keeping an unbreakable chain of evidence recording who did what when to any physical or digital asset. It replaces error-prone paperwork, emails, and file transfers with an auditable, secure, high assurance API-first data exchange that is instantly machine verifiable.

Customers use RKVST to solve challenges in handling nuclear waste, software transparency, zero trust connected devices, compliance in construction industries and many more business problems that could be solved if you only knew confidently who did what when and make reliable business decisions with real-time trust context.

RKVST captures the identity of sources and origin of data (provenance), enforces sharing and visibility rules with strong cryptography (governance), and is underpinned by a ledger that prevents forgery, back-dating, or shredding of evidence (immutability). Together, Provenance, Governance and Immutability bridge the trust gap.

Why is RKVST built on Distributed Ledgers?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is made for this supply chain collaboration. RKVST is a SaaS platform built on DLT that stakeholders use to permanently record who did what when.

Cybersecurity of Connected Things is a continuous delivery supply chain. All members of the supply chain have their own responsibilities and risks to manage, but they can’t operate alone. Makers of Connected Things patch vulnerabilities. System Integrators test for compatibility. Owners approve patches or otherwise mitigate. Maintenance teams schedule downtime to safely apply patches. Auditors keep account of service level agreements and regulators oversee organisations to build confidence in the system. And that's before you get to the shared data that fuels automated decisions.

The cybersecurity supply chain needs a new transparent, collaborative and automated platform to underpin trust in Digital Transformation with Connected Things. It needs RKVST.

What can I use RKVST for?

Almost anything!
Our website showcases a selection of customer use cases from software assurance to nuclear waste tracking.