Losant Edge Compute


Losant Edge Compute


Losant Edge Compute provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop, visual workflow engine to remotely design and deploy edge intelligence. Works seamlessly with Losant's cloud platform for a fully integrated edge-cloud IoT solution.

Quickly design and deploy edge intelligence using Losant's no-code, drag-and-drop, Visual Workflow Engine.

Losant Edge Compute extends our powerful cloud-based Visual Workflow Engine to your own edge devices. Workflows are developed in Losant's cloud-based IoT platform and then remotely deployed to any fielded device running the Losant Edge Agent.

Getting Started

Losant Edge Compute is a component of the Losant IoT Platform. Get started for free at


Losant Edge Compute contains a robust set of features to deliver a complete edge computing solution. This includes:

  • Data acquisition from industrial controllers
  • Data enrichment through enterprise database adapters
  • Real-time filtering and processing
  • Real-time alerting and notifications
  • Offline and local control
  • Store-and-forward to cloud-based IoT platform for analysis, visualization, and application enablement

Built-in Industrial Connectors

Unlike other edge compute solutions, which require you to write code to communicate to your industrial controllers or PLCs, the Losant Edge Agent comes with built-in support for many common industrial protocols:

  • OPC UA
  • Allen-Bradley (EtherNet/IP)
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • BACnet
  • Serial
  • MQTT
  • HTTP
  • UDP

Built-in MQTT Broker

The Losant Edge Agent comes with a built-in MQTT broker. This eliminates the need to deploy and manage an additional service to bring MQTT capabilities into your local environment. This allows local peripherals to directly trigger edge workflows over MQTT.

Built-in Web Server

The Losant Edge Agent comes with a built-in web server. This allows peripherals or other services on your network to directly trigger edge workflows using HTTP.

Built-in Database Adapters

Enriching device data from an enterprise database is an important aspect for many IoT solutions. The Losant Edge Agent has built-in adapters to directly interface with many common databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Edge workflows are designed using an intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop editor. All of the connectors and adapters listed above are provided as easy-to-use nodes within this editor. This greatly reduces time to market while providing a tool that makes edge computing accessible to OT professionals and non-developers. Losant Edge Compute provides built-in versioning, remote debugging, error tracking, and performance monitoring for all edge workflows.

Minimum hardware requirements: Linux x64 or arm32 OS, 1GB of RAM, 1GB of storage.