Real-time predictive analytics and process control for Azure IoT

Got IoT data, now what?

StatHammer™ is a powerful predictive analytics service in Azure, built to help companies turn the vast amounts of IoT data into actionable information and real-time feedback.

Easily launch this SaaS application under your Azure account, try it out for free, connect with your existing datasets under your own Azure Storage account or with your live IoT data streams. An amazing IoT analytics application is at your fingertips within minutes.

Predictive Analytics for Azure IoT

Connect your own Azure IoT data directly with a real-time, browser-based, predictive analysis environment. Explore and learn about your processes using data filtering, statistical summaries and charts.

Process Control Behind the Scenes

Automate analytical processes that detect statistical anomalies in your data stream in the background. Create process control rules in a visual environment and save them in the system. Create events that trigger emails or workflows.

Advanced Correlation Analysis

Drill down into advanced multivariate statistics to understand upstream downstream correlations and complex interactions in your process. Identify outliers and critical changes in the process over time and document them in the charts with annotations. 

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