Azure Infra Cloud Migration 10-Week Assessment


ACTS performs an assessment on existing on prem applications to determine most cost effective and successful path to the cloud. ACTS can also perform the migration.

The ACTS Azure Cloud Migration Program provides a proven, repeatable and agile process tailored to your needs. This program defines the benefits of rehosting, refactoring, rebuilding or replacing (5 R’s of rationalization) when moving to the cloud. We use a hands-on approach to migration incorporating workshops, planning, data collection, testing, and migration cycles that include retrospectives and follow up support to ensure an impact free migration.

  • ACTS is focused on a fast and reliable migration to the cloud that will reduce infrastructure cost, increase security and maintain supportability.
  • Moving to the cloud is an ongoing initiative that should take place in phases. Without the right resources and expertise on your side, an investment in the cloud might not produce the types of results imagined.
  • Estimated pricing is variable and dependent on scope of project, complexity of on-premises architecture, number of applications, and change management processes in place.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. From workshops and training for your internal teams, to a complete playbook that lays out your cloud migration process in detail, ACTS ensures you’re supported during each stage of your Azure migration. At the end of the process, we help you and your team reduce risks, overcome critical migration pain points and ensure a robust ROI.

At the end of the assessment, you receive an executive report detailing your next steps for a cloud migration.

More Information on our Azure Cloud Migration Program: