Private Azure OpenAI Implementation

Adastra Corporation

Protect your organization’s internal and proprietary data from exposure to public consumption by deploying a private instance of ChatGPT within your Azure tenant.

OpenAI / ChatGPT is enabling differentiating innovation but is a public service. Adding internal/proprietary data to public ChatGPT exposes data for public consumption. This exposure may already be occurring in your organization, without your knowledge!

Therefore, to enable the benefits of ChatGPT, while also protecting your organization, it is critical you deploy a private instance of ChatGPT within your tenant. This proposal enables Private Azure OpenAI / ChatGPT.


  • Perform discovery on current Azure architecture and Azure firewall design
  • Define modified Azure architecture / firewall design for Azure OpenAI
  • Deploy Azure OpenAI instance within your Azure tenant
  • Facilitate Azure / Power Platform / Teams integration with Azure OpenAI
  • Validate Azure OpenAI deployment and enable organizational use
  • Provide recommendations re: firewall changes to limit public OpenAI/ChatGPT use


  • Modified Azure architecture / network design
  • Deployed Azure OpenAI instance
  • Validated Integration and Access to Azure OpenAI
  • Knowledge Transfer and Next Step Recommendations

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