Cloud Migration Accelerator ADELE: 15-Days POC

Adastra, s.r.o

ADELE is a user-friendly accelerator that allows users to re-platform data pipelines from legacy database to target cloud platform, having the full control over the process of the cloud migration

We offer a 15 days proof of concept project implementation, which will

  • help you assess the complexity and impact of your planned migration.
  • provide you an assessment of cost savings associated with migration in case you decide to use ADELE migration accelerator.
  • demonstrate the capabilities of our solution.

The proof of concept includes the following activities

  • scanning legacy database solutions, parsing metadata and transformation logic on a sub-set of ETL jobs
  • re-platforming data pipelines to Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Data Factory using the built-in ETL generator.
  • eliminating unused objects, changing layer structure in target solution and optimize data flows.
  • creating a list of successfully migrated ETL jobs and a list of gaps


  • Scope of ETL jobs is typically 300 to 500, depending on complexity

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