Azure OpenAI PoC: 1hr Briefing


Enabling organisations to leverage the power of OpenAI on the Azure platform. This engagement pushes organisations to the forefront of AI technology.

The Azure platform offers a plethora of innovative AI technologies, many of which are ground breaking in the quality of their insights but also the ease of implementation. However, none are as transformational as the arrival of OpenAI on Azure. Where previous services were trained for specific purposes, Azure OpenAI models can outperform the majority of these capabilities using purely natural language based queries. The exclusive partnership between Azure and OpenAI ensures a truly revolutionary platform businesses. In this one hour briefing call, Adatis can explain how the technology can be applied, illustrate some of the potential use cases and explain how the following challenges can be addressed, through our PoC engagement.


    Organisations large and small can now wield the power of conversational AI in a short space of time, but with this ability comes new challenges that organisations now face. Business leaders and data science teams are now trying to answer new questions, such as:
  • Which of our use cases can be improved through the use of Azure OpenAI?
  • How do we integrate these services into our existing AI solutions?
  • What is the purpose of “Prompt Engineering” and how do we gain these skills?
  • How can we ensure our ethical obligations are upheld with these services?
  • When implementing Azure OpenAI services, will internal roles be superseded?


  • Use case definition: There are so many possible applications for OpenAI’s models, defining the right approach to start with can be daunting. Adatis can help organisations make sense of the practical application of the technology and prioritise the use cases accordingly.
  • Service Integration: Unifying the power of OpenAI with your organisations data couldn’t be simpler. Adatis can help highlight the key factors required for a successful implementation.
  • Prompt Engineering: Getting the most out of the OpenAI models requires some refinement and tuning, otherwise known as “Prompt Engineering”. Adatis can advise of how to fine tune the inputs to the model to optimise the results.
  • Responsible AI: Ensuring the ethical integrity of an model is critical, Adatis can advise on approaches to establish a practice of responsible AI.

This briefing call will provide you with an introduction to our Azure OpenAI PoC engagement and allow us to answer any questions you might have.