Start your Digital Transformation: 4hr Workshop


Plan the start of your Digital Transformation with our free 4-hour workshop to identify the first existing or new feature of your IT landscape to be transformed with a cloud service.


Our Digital Transformation for Evolving Organisations approach provides a broad and impactful range of cloud services to assist organisations to simplify their IT landscape and increase productivity without compromising security or cost - by realising the benefits of public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, platform-as-a-services including Microsoft PowerApps and software-as-a-services like Microsoft Office 365.

This is a workshop with the target of identifying one or more areas of your IT landscape within your organisation where operational friction exists. This may because reasons ranging from the effort or cost to deliver the existing service, to the size of gap between what is currently delivered and the needs of your organisation today and in the immediate future.

There are 6 key areas around which we work with organisations to assist with their digital transformations and will form the focus of the workshop:

  • Azure Cloud & Security Foundations
  • Azure IaaS for Infrastructure Modernisation
  • Azure SQL & Managed Instances for Databases Modernisation
  • Office 365 Productivity Configuration & Management
  • PowerApps for Business Apps Delivery & Management
  • Power BI for Analytics Delivery & Management


The workshop will identify at least one existing or new feature of your IT landscape, for which a cloud service proof-of-concept can be planned and executed. Typically, in 5 days or less, the proof-of-concept will aim to validate the benefits of undergoing the transformation, with a follow-on approach and plan for full implementation.