Azure Cost Optimization: 1 Day Workshop

ALEF Distribution RO S.A.

Understand, monitor and optimize your cloud spendings in Azure with our "Cost Optimization Workshop".

Scalability, high-availability, security, flexibility, and cost efficiency; these are the main benefits that Azure promises. As easy it is to deploy services in Azure, as fast costs can increase and you may find yourself in the position to have exceeded your planned monthly budget, because of the complexity related to the metrics that drive the costs.

The 1-day Cost Optimization workshop consists in an assessment to understand your Azure estate, where you are regarding costs vs budget, an analysis of the workloads you are currently using and provide you recommendations for cost optimization scenarios.

Topics covered by the workshop:

• Azure Advisor Recommendations • Rightsizing the workloads based on the usage metrics • Autoscaling • Special VMs recommendations (Azure Spot, Burstable) • Azure Reservations vs Start/Stop Automation and when to use each of them • Azure Hybrid Benefit options • Azure Policies for resource creation based on location or SKU • Overview of Azure Cost Management o Resource Tagging o Monitor costs with Cost Analysis tools o Budgets & Alerts


• Detailed report of actions you can take to drive cost optimization

Note: The workshop/assessment does not make any changes to your Azure environment, nor force you to take actions based on the recommendations. Reader-access role to resources may be required to evaluate and propose cost optimization actions.