6-Week CAF Adopt Assessment

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

Alithya’s CAF Adopt Assessment is designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey to Azure. Alithya will provide you with a Microsoft CAF-aligned assessment tailored to your organization.

Our experts will review your cloud migration goals & needs for up to 3 apps.


Phase 1: Azure Migration Assessment
Alithya’s experts will review your cloud adoption plan, including your workloads, to help establish the iterative processes to assess, migrate, optimize, secure, & manage your workloads. In this phase we will assess your workloads technical fit, including:

  • Evaluate cost
  • Estimate effort for app modernization
  • Review deployment tooling options
  • Review user patterns & dependencies

Phase 2: Migration Scenarios
Next we will provide examples of common migration scenarios to demonstrate how you can migrate on-premise infrastructure to Azure. For the apps considered in phase 1, we will provide migration patterns covering the following scenarios:

  • Refactor: also known as “repackaging”
  • Rearchitect Rebuild
  • Rehost; also referred to as “lift & shift”

Your migration strategy may be a combination of multiple patterns & will depend on your business drivers & migration goals.

Phase 3: Best Practices We will review best practices for managing your Azure portal, system updates, infrastructure, & changes, as well as best practices for migration. Best practices will be reviewed for the following:

  • Azure regions & availability zones
  • Storage & database configurations
  • Setting up virtual networks for migrated workloads
  • Disaster recover scenarios
  • High availability recommendations
  • Azure resource scaling
  • Deploying a migration infrastructure
  • High-level security & compliance considerations
  • Cost optimization

Deliverables: After completing the adopt assessment your organization will receive the following deliverables, including (1) one round of review & update:

  1. Azure migration assessment report
  2. Recommendation on App Migration patterns
  3. Best Practices Presentation for initial app portfolio