AI-FI Trade Surveillance 8-Week Assessment

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

The AI-FI Trade Surveillance 8-week Assessment is designed to help brokerages review their operations to determine the best Azure approach to machine learning for their compliance operations.

This 8-week assessment requires customers to provide a snapshot of their data and complete a short questionnaire. Alithya’s data science experts will then analyze the data in Azure using various techniques and may also process the data using a version of Alithya’s AI-FI Trade Surveillance solution.

Based on the results of the analysis, Alithya will determine the best machine learning approach for the brokerage’s compliance operations and will recommend which Azure solution is right for them. The output of the assessment is a report that summarizes the results of the analysis and provides recommendations on the best way to move forward with machine learning. These recommendations will take full advantage of the latest Azure cloud technology to enable clients to deploy and scale up these machine learning tools as efficiently as possible.

The assessment deliverables include:

  • Summary of results
  • Preliminary data analysis with recommendations for the highest ranked strategy
  • Recommended next steps
  • Automated compliance process optimization
  • Azure infrastructure recommendation for machine learning
  • Estimated timeline for implementation

The Assessment provides customers with a clear understanding of their data and which machine learning approach for trade compliance could be applied to achieve the greatest business value.

At the end of the assessment our team may also recommend one of the following services:

AI-FI Suitability Assessment: a deeper assessment of their processes to optimize their data for a machine learning approach to trade compliance, using their data within Azure.

AI-FI Enablement: a service to deploy and integrate AI Analytics into their product to maximize the impact of AI-driven analytics on their compliance operations using Azure as their platform.

AI-FI Trade Surveillance: the implementation of an Azure based automated trade surveillance system to monitor all their trading activity.