Sentinel Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation

ANS Group Limited

A production ready Sentinel implementation, delivered in 2 weeks. Improving Cloud security across multi-cloud and Hybrid platforms.

ANS work to understand your current security landscape; helping to define both on-premise and cloud-based Sentinel integration.

The engagement will deliver a fully functional production-grade Sentinel environment to highlight the solutions capabilities and how it can keep your organisation secure. The Sentinel accelerator provisions a rapid-build process, delivered remotely.

The ANS Sentinel Accelerator is delivered in four stages: Initiation, Plan & Design, Implementation and Handover.

Initiation: o Resource assigned with formal project kick-off

Plan & Design: o Technical Workshop(s) o High Level Design(s) / Low Level Design(s)* o Solution Acceptance Test Doc(s)*

Implementation: o Phase 1 – Create Resource Group for Azure Log Analytics (ALA) Workspace o Phase 2 - Create Azure Log Analytics Workspace o Phase 3 - Assign the ALA Workspace to a Resource Group o Phase 4 - Assign permissions to RG and ALA Workspace o Phase 5 - Attach the Sentinel solution to Created ALA Workspace o Phase 6 – Data Connector Configuration o Phase 7 – Workbook Configuration o Phase 8 – Detection Rules Configuration

Handover: o Knowledge Transfer o Project Close

This repeatable process is designed to reduce time to provision, with technical resource on-hand to ensure the solution transitions to a successful business-as-usual operation, specific to your organisation.

Note - *if required