CI&T Application Modernization - 8-Weeks Implementation


The goal of this offer is to pave the road to efficiently modernize legacy applications using a prescriptive approach helping you understand and document the current architecture standards.

Modernizing brownfield applications can be a daunting task. CI&T's Application modernization framework can help you shape your application strategy in order to bring your business-critical applications into the modern world of applications. Although lift-and-shift may result in some cost-efficiency in the short-term, the real potential of a public cloud (Azure) is unlocked by leveraging cloud-native architectures.

Our approach is based in 6 elements.

  1. Business alignment and impact: where we define the business imperatives and unfold the modernization to unlock value sooner rather than later.

  2. Cloud-native architectures: where we rely on scalability, availability, global distribution, security standards, and ready-to-use managed services are essential to any modern architecture.

  3. Continuous modernization: put in place the strategy to break down the migration efforts into waves and incrementally strangle the legacy architecture into smaller and most efficient microservices.

  4. Product mindset: customer-centric design, focus on outcomes (not outputs), and an analytics-first approach to enable data-driven decisions.

  5. New cloud operating model: Review the operating model - which includes Cloud and DevSecOps components - is foundational to a modernization strategy.

  6. People & Culture: ensuring proper change management, closing knowledge gaps, and providing safety for people is essential to land all the new digital capabilities.

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" solution. Instead, we understand each clients maturity level considering our capabilities matrix maturity, in other words, People and Process, Business Strategy, Engineering. The result of that matrix will tell us the correct entry angle to each client.

Our proposal is based on taking companies from legacy to platform: technology (devsecops), Customer Journeys (analytics and monitoring) and Package Capabilities (Microservices).