Sustainability with Data and AI - Industry Solutions


Comprehensive Data and AI Industry Solutions to drive your organization's seamless transition to Net Zero

Analyzing data manually and using Excel-based solutions to meet sustainability and ESG reporting requirements is a labor-intensive and largely ineffective activity. Click2Cloud's comprehensive Data and AI Digital Solutions help drive your organization's successful transition to a net-zero future. With our capabilities and solutions partnership with Microsoft, we empower you to migrate to the Azure cloud and leverage Azure cloud services for real-time capture of energy and water consumption, emissions, and waste management for a greener future. We enable you to optimize sustainability efforts and easily compare the ESG impact of on-premises vs. Azure cloud.

Cloud Intel combines its Digital, Data, and AI capabilities for automated data capture, monitoring, and governance with scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, providing Data and AI solutions for decarbonization and energy management. It has comprehensive sustainability and ESG data management capabilities, such as integration, normalization, validation, monitoring, and visualization of key metrics tied to your unique business KPIs through intuitive Dashboards and APIs.

We provide a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate how data-driven solutions help in ESG integration and decarbonization. As part of our solutions, we offer detailed reports tailored to each industry's requirements, including carbon footprints, water consumption, carbon neutrality and soil space reclamation, e-waste generation, and emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Our Sustainability with Data and AI: Industry Solutions empowers organizations to comprehensively assess and monitor their environmental impacts, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making towards a greener and more sustainable path. Additionally, it facilitates the implementation of targeted initiatives and carbon accounting software to enhance ecological stewardship and corporate responsibility further.

Key Deliverables

• Assessment

• Roadmap and Timeline

• Security Analysis

• Licensing Analysis

• Financial Analysis (TCO/ROI)

• PoC & Implementation

• Next-Step Recommendations