Migration of SQL Workloads Assessment: 1-Day


This SQL Workloads assessment service is well suited to organisations that are trying to gain a better understanding of the workloads they could migrate to Azure whilst minimising risk.

This 1-day configuration assessment carried out by Cloud 9ine Consulting will analyse your current on-premises SQL environments to assess and understand the feasibility of migrating them to Microsoft Azure. The SQL assessment service will include a readiness report for workloads, along with detailing the recommended migration approach plus estimated costs.

Prior to commencement of this 1-day migration assessment, one of our Microsoft certified consultants will perform a complimentary suitability review with your teams, which will consist of a call lasting between 30 minutes to an hour.

This review will enable our consultant to gain a better understanding of your business requirements including a brief overview of your current configurations.

Following on from the successful completion of the suitability review, we will then look to move forward with the 1-Day Migration of SQL Workloads assessment, where we will analyse your current SQL configurations to assess the feasibility of migrating your data.

This analysis will deliver visibility around which workloads can and cannot be migrated to Microsoft Azure. In addition to this, the analysis will also help with any uncertainties around any costs related queries and Microsoft recommended best practices.

It will also include information on how to select, prepare, extract and transfer data to an Azure SQL hosted environment.

The outcome following this service will enable your business to:

• Define the migration strategy and adoption plan

• Understand how to minimise the business impact of the migration to Azure

• Understand how to apply recommended best practices

This assessment service is suited to both private and public organisations that are trying to gain a better understanding of their on-premises SQL workloads which they could migrate to Azure. It will also help them understand the overall readiness within the organisation to leverage Azure SQL services, with minimal business downtime.

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