Azure Well-Architected Review: 3 Wk Assessment

DataArt New York

The DataArt team offers Azure Well-Architected Review to help companies mitigate risks at the earliest stage, deliver better solutions and meet the company’s evolving needs.

Azure Well-Architected Review is a set of guiding principles that evaluate Azure cloud-based architectures. It works by assessing these architectures against the latest best practices for running workloads in the Azure cloud. The assessment uses a specific set of questionnaires to produce a report that includes a list of recommendations and consultations.

Azure Well-Architected Framework is based on six conceptual pillars: reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, sustainability.

How DataArt Conducts Azure Well-Architected Review:
  1. Intro Session. The session is aimed to discuss business priorities, desired outcomes, and the current state of the system.
  2. Working Sessions with DataArt experts. These sessions involve assessing the customer's current workloads against the Azure cloud architecture pillars.
  3. Building the Well-Architected Review Report. DataArt documents the findings in a report with the prioritized list of issues and recommendations for improvement.
  4. Follow-up Session. DataArt’s experts conduct a report walk-through with the customer’s working team. The report contains a list of application-specific issues that need to be fixed, with a detailed description of risk mitigation measures and a roadmap for fixing the problems.

The time required for Azure Well-Architected Review is defined on a per-project basis and depends on the complexity of the workload and the number of stakeholders involved.

Main Benefits

Azure Well-Architected Review helps your business build a superior architected infrastructure that meets your needs, delivers value to your customers and keeps your business future-proof. With Azure Well-Architected Review, you get:

  • A clear understanding of how the project aligns with Azure's best practices
  • Knowledge of where improvements are needed
  • Evaluation and optimization of the workloads based on the Cloud Architecture Pillars
  • Actionable guidance from Azure experts
  • A consistent approach to building and designing sustainable cloud projects
Why DataArt?

DataArt is a Microsoft Solutions and Azure Consulting Partner. Our services include Azure cloud consulting, migration to cloud, cloud-native development, and assessment and planning of cloud roadmaps, among others. Our recommendation and improvement roadmaps are backed up by hundreds of successful client projects and best practices for running apps in the cloud.

DataArt’s teams can also help you to implement remediation strategies on further stages of the engagement.