1 Hour: Veritas NetBackup Migration Briefing


Jump start your Netbackup migration with a comprehensive migration assessment!

Protect your data from ransomware or unexpected downtime with NetBackup from Veritas, deployed on Microsoft Azure. NetBackup and Azure ensure your data is easy to migrate and recover, so you can keep your business running and meet your compliance needs.

Chances are organizational, operational and technological changes have impacted your data protection operations. Adjusting to changing demands is an essential facet of safeguarding information. Veritas NetBackup Migration Services will provide expert technical resources to perform these maintenance and reconfiguration activities on your NetBackup systems.

Key Benefits with a NBU Migration:

  • Fully managed solution designed to support the specific needs of your digital transformation agenda, bridging the gap between physical and digital.

  • Reduce Cost and Time: Migrations tend to signal high cost and significant downtime. VAST methodologies enable organizations to migrate data at an affordable cost with virtually no down time.

The business drivers for a data migration vary, but include displacing legacy hardware, the adoption of cloud or SaaS based offerings or corporate reorganizations. Regardless of the reason, the need for data to be seamlessly and securely migrated as quickly as possible without loss of accessibility is essential. Veritas NetBackup Migration Services delivers rapid, secure end-to-end migrations with first-class data fidelity.

Briefing includes information on:

 * Assessment process
 * Migration process
 * Tooling
 * Pricing

In this one hour briefing VAST will walk you through the assessment and migration process for your Veritas NetBackup workloads to Azure virtual machines and Azure cloud storage technologies.