Azure DevOps Accelerator: 6-Wks Implementation


Transition toward a DevOps way of working within your company supported by Azure DevOps

The goal of this 6-week program is to introduce Azure DevOps as a supporting tool for multicompetent teams creating applications. During the 6 weeks we will map the customers way of working to Azure DevOps capabilities

Week 1: kick-off & tenant registration Kick-off meeting:

  • Round table
  • Finetune key customer requirements
  • Discuss project goals
  • Practicals Workshop: Alignment with IT
  • Introduce Azure DevOps
  • Tenant registration (location, naming, networking, security,…)
  • Naming conventions
  • Discuss tenants vs project structure
  • Licensing Deliverables:
  • Meeting minutes & slide decks
  • Initial version of the Azure DevOps governance document
  • Customer Azure DevOps tenant

Week 2: Project Methodology & Team Composition 2x workshop: Alignment with scrum master

  • Demo product capabilities of Azure Boards
  • Discuss customer way of working & advise upon
  • Map way of working on top of Azure Boards Deliverables:
  • Meeting minutes & slide decks
  • Example project setup which includes team definition and small example backlog with reports Week 3: Repositories, Branching Strategy & CI/CD 2x workshop: align with lead developer
  • Set repository structure and versioning strategy
  • Discuss standard branching strategy
  • Introduce standards for CI/CD pipelines Deliverables:
  • Meeting minutes & slide decks
  • Initial repository creation within the example project that includes the code of an example application.
  • Configuration of the first build & release management pipeline within the example project.

Week 4: Artifacts & Test Management Workshop: align with lead developer

  • Introduce artifacts management within Azure DevOps.
  • Discuss standard approach.
  • Implement within the example project. Deliverables:
  • Meeting minutes & slide decks
  • Configuration of Artifacts for the example project

Week 5-6: Guidance for initial project initiation A consultant will take part during the first sprint to guide the team with all questions that pop up during Azure DevOps initiation.