Application Modernization: 2 wk assessment

Dimension Data

An assessment of your applications and dependencies, with detailed analysis indicating migration and optimization options, and application readiness to move onto the Azure cloud.

For CIO's, IT Managers and IT Engineers

The assessment provides clients with an understanding of the benefits derived from migrating their applications into the Azure cloud as well as an analysis of their applications' state of readiness for performing a migration to Azure.

Engagement scope: • Evaluation of the business problem • Review individuals affected by the application/s • Assess architecture and application dependencies • Assess code level and database refactoring required to migrate to the Azure cloud • Assess cost estimate of the proposed Azure services • Draft a solution design and report indicating options that could be applied to the applications

Outcomes/Deliverables: • An Azure cloud readiness assessment report with completed analysis • Identify migration options, based on your requirements and any refactoring required • Provide a cloud migration roadmap and estimated timeline • An estimated cost analysis for the proposed Azure services • Findings and documents to be presented in a feedback session

Pricing and duration is an estimation only and is dependent on the number of applications being assessed, integration requirements, complexity and customer specific requirements regarding their optimization and cloud migration needs.