Art of the Possible on Azure: 2-Hr Briefing

Dimension Data

Maximising the power of Azure needs to be supported by a robust business transformation plan. An introduction to the Art of the Possible on Azure.

For business leaders and company executives who drive change and are looking to harness the power of Azure to transform their organisations.

Remaining relevant and excelling in today’s fast-changing world is challenging. Businesses not only want to keep the pace, but also want to have an edge on their competitors. Nowadays, effective innovation and technology enablers are essential for organisations, but to be successful they need to be backed by a robust business transformation plan.

Businesses want to be set up with a sustainable way of work to realize value, and not just a once-off plan. To achieve a landscape conducive to harnessing the power of your Azure investment, organisations need to weave together four components which will be introduced during this session:

• Digital business – Digital business lever identification and transformation, customer journeys, value stream maps, process engineering, strategy, governance and data models. • Technology innovation – Model 1 and Model 2, including Azure native functionality for modernization, incl. API integration, Microservices, Containerization, Big Data, Analytics, AI, ML, IoT. • Lean Agile – Organisation transformation framework using business value-based work, DevOps. • Rapid Prototyping – Respond to fast changing market dynamics with experiments and rapid increments of value, accelerated in a ‘Lab’.

While most organisations are leveraging some of these components, this introductory briefing will highlight how the magic is achieved where these are combined and prioritized on a single backlog and roadmap, to accelerate valuable business digitisation.

This session will introduce you to the principles of successful digital transformation on Azure. It will enable us to understand your business needs and goals, as well as outline some possible next steps to allow you to exploit Azure native functionality in your organisation.