OSDU Data & Management Governance: 4-Month Implementation


EPAM provides OSDU Data Management as Service to enable the operators and ISV’s increasing the data accessibility and interoperability which enables qualified decision making over Energy data.

Data management and migration is the process of managing various surface and subsurface data across various interpretation applications like Petrel, Studio, Petra & OpenWorks by by transforming the data by cloud adopting the OSDU concepts of data ingestion, Platformisation, and data modernization.

Key area/functions where EPAM can assist:

  • Data Analysis and cleansing as per the industry standards is common goal for EPAM and operators to enhance the qualified data for interpretation
  • Data Quality and standards are the key aspects of interpretation for better decision making by
  • Data mapping and modeling helps in manifesting the data for optimized data models for better throughput and process improvements
  • Data lift and shift migration services to Microsoft Azure


  • Cleansed and qualified data for better decision making in interpreting the hydrocarbons bearing formations in time
  • Global data availability for various personas by Platformisation breaks the valuable data stored in silos
  • Data governance and stewardship enables flexibility over the data, reducing the access and silos reduction
  • Interoperability of data enhances to run AI & ML models for gaining the performance over the manual process
  • Timely availability of data over online helps in quick end-user interpretation across various teams
  • Data Platformisation on Microsoft Azure enables scalable high volume elastic interpretation through HPC & HTC