Do It Azure: 10-Week Workshop


To define a cloud migration strategy taking into account that both technology and business are in continuous transformation based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework & Cloud Maturity Model (CMM)

    Our proposal is a 10 week Workshop to design the technological model that best fits to current needs of your Company and have a dynamic Maturity Model that allows to adapt the transformation to the Cloud, depending on the business and technology evolution
    1st Week - PHASE 1: Business Goals:
    • Identification of the CMM domains on which to carry out the assessment, in relation to the proposed working areas.
    • Preparation of the strategic document of the Cloud adoption project plan.
    • Identifying the potential impact of the new Cloud services on current IT business and processes.
    DELIVERABLES: Strategic document with business objectives, working areas and their relationship with CMM domains
    2nd to 9th Week - PHASE 2: TO BE Model: Analysis and Model The activities to be carried out by each area will be:
    • Development to be model different applications with different levels of complexity, workloads and other factors that make it difficult to determine the best architecture to apply.
    • Explain to be model for minimize migration, modernization and adaptation costs using Azure Arc for unified operations.
    • Working on the deliverables.
    DELIVERABLES: One deliverable by work area, which will contain:
    • Definition of the to-be model with roadmap of initiatives and its associated Business Case
    • Process Adaptation: affected IT processes, and contractual and licensing needs
    • Definition of the Technology strategy: tools and products needed in the organization Deliverables
    10TH Week - PHASE 3: Consolidation of results and global vision: Analysis and classification of all the initiatives obtained in the working areas
    • Presentation of the final conclusions with the roadmap of all initiatives.
    DELIVERABLES: Final document of conclusions of initiatives and the aggregate business case of the whole project