Desktop as a Service: 6-week Implementation

First National Technology Solutions, Inc.

Enable a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere.

Having the flexibility and security in place to seamlessly transition from in-office to work-from-home scenarios whenever necessary is more important now more than ever for businesses of all types.

Desktop-as-a-Service with Windows Virtual Desktop in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service that provides modern application delivery and innovative cloud tools to enable scalable remote access and collaboration to ensure productivity remains high in a hybrid work environment.

It’s the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, a multi-session Windows 10 experience and optimizations for Microsoft 365. Desktop-as-a-Service also provides a high-quality and high-availability user experience all while saving costs through autoscaling, which allows organizations to scale back resources when demand is low and cap or increase resources when demand is high.

Applications can be accessed across devices, resulting in increased availability of workloads. Security and compliance features can be built in to ensure the necessary level of protection and control over user access to corporate resources.

Taking your specific business requirements into consideration, FNTS provides the best technical solutions to enable your remote workforce, in addition to a dedicated team that provides ongoing monitoring and support to meet performance levels.

WVD Deliverables

  1. Discovery Session to understand desktop and application virtualization needs
  2. Design of AVD Solution based on discovery session for HLD and LLD
  3. Build and Deployment of AVD environment
  4. Full design documentation, handover and testing

**Exact pricing is based on size and scope of project.