DevOps and SRE Readiness: 1-Month Assessment Project

Futurice Oy

Futurice team of SRE experts will assess your current DevOps and SRE readiness and create an actionable roadmap and list of pilots to start with Site Reliability Engineering practices on Azure.

Our FutuSuRE package is an easy way to assess your organization's readiness for Site Reliability Engineering on Azure, find a suitable pilot, and form a roadmap to SRE.

Site Reliability Engineering is a distinct way of working, that takes an engineering approach to operations. The focus is to engineer solutions to reduce manual work. Fewer incidents, less repetitive work, and less need for human attention are possible by building automation, increasing self-service, making operations more proactive, and improving reliability. SRE is an investment that brings long-term benefits and helps to find the highest development speed without sacrificing reliability. Key benefits include higher reliability and scalability which means fewer incidents, better ability to serve end-users, business, and developers, and reduced total cost of ownership with higher service value.

Getting started with Site Reliability Engineering can be challenging. Futurice can help you to modernize operations and pilot SRE on Azure with this assessment. In this engagement, our team of certified SRE and DevOps consultants will:

  • assess your current DevOps maturity and readiness for SRE by utilising Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework;
  • find a proper pilot to get started with SRE and create an actionable roadmap for using Azure services such as GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Terraform on Azure, Azure Resource Manager and monitoring solutions such as Azure Monitor and Application Insights.