PeopleSoft to Azure Migration 5-Day Assessment

FyrSoft LLC

For migrating your PeopleSoft apps to Azure as part of your Digital Transformation journey

Enterprises are moving their PeopleSoft applications from on-premises to Azure cloud to capitalize on the Azure edge in terms of security, scalability, and cost-efficiency. FyrSoft’s 5-day assessment provides an in-depth analysis of PeopleSoft on-prem apps to Azure migration, right from evaluation of your existing PeopleSoft apps to executing the migration seamlessly. The workshop’s outcome aids in defining & establishing a cloud foundation that aligns with customer’s business objectives.

PeopleSoft to Azure Migration 5-Day Assessment Offering: The 5-Day assessment by FyrSoft provides businesses with all the required knowledge needed for migrating the PeopleSoft applications from on-prem to Azure. The offering enables customers to evaluate the potential gaps that ultimately help optimize resources. Our PeopleSoft to Azure Migration Assessment workshop explores the below-mentioned aspects.

Evaluation: Aids in understanding the customer’s current PeopleSoft apps Helps in gathering comprehensive data on components like application servers, databases etc. Aids with a server workload report of the existing landscape Helps in gathering information about the customer domain

Ready: Sizing exercise for the Azure migration Allows customers to decide the storage options on Azure cloud Aids in targeting the first workloads for migration to the Azure platform


Helps in determining the migration approach Aids in estimating the cost for migrating the apps to the Azure cloud

Plan: Helps in determining the migration plan of the PeopleSoft applications from on-prem to Azure environment Establishing the outcomes of the assessment report