Introduction to AKS and Kubernetes: 1-day workshop

Gofore Oyj

1-day workshop to Kubernetes and AKS. Topics include elements of AKS container orchestration service with following subtopics ingresses, pods, services, secrets, volumes and stateful sets.

This 1-day virtual workshop is a technical introduction to Kubernetes and AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service). The workshop is suitable for cloud specialists and people in technical roles (eg software architects).

Workshop topics include introduction to Kubernetes and AKS and the basic concepts, the benefits of using these services, and when is the right time to start using AKS. Real-life examples of use cases will also be presented by instructors.

After this course there is an option to organize a separate hands-on classroom training to delve deeper into the aspects of building solutions with AKS. Please contact us to discuss this option further.

Preferred group size is 5-20.

Course requirements:

  • Basic knowledge about containerised services

  • Fundamentals of Azure

  • Basic knowledge of networks