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HCLTech offers a range of infrastructure migration and modernization capabilities

Cloud migration and modernization are essential for enterprises to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability, agility, cost-efficiency, security, and innovation. However, migrating and modernizing workloads to the cloud can be challenging, requiring careful planning, assessment, execution, and optimization. As part of the Partner Delivery Orchestration Center (PDOC) program from Microsoft, which helps to provide cloud solutions to customers with Microsoft's support and guidance, HCLTech provides various services for cloud migration and modernization.

HCLTech helps PDOC customers to migrate and modernize their workloads to Microsoft Azure that offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for various business scenarios & needs.

Migration and Modernization Capabilities:

HCLTech has a proven track record of delivering successful cloud migration and modernization projects for customers across various industries and domains. HCLTech has a team of certified and experienced cloud experts who leverage best practices, methodologies, and tools to ensure a smooth and efficient migration and modernization process.

HCLTech offers the following capabilities for cloud infrastructure migration and modernization:

Assessment: HCLTech conducts a thorough assessment of the customer's existing workloads, infrastructure, and applications, and identifies the best migration and modernization strategy based on the customer's business goals, cloud readiness, and technical feasibility. HCLTech also provides a detailed roadmap, cost-benefit analysis, and risk mitigation plan for the migration and modernization project.

CAF Assessment: HCLTech aligns the migration and modernization assessment to the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), a Microsoft-provided guidance that helps customers to adopt cloud in a structured and consistent way. HCLTech follows the CAF principles and best practices to ensure that the migration and modernization project is aligned to the customer's business outcomes, cloud governance, cloud security, cloud operations, and cloud innovation.

Migration to Azure : HCLTech executes the migration and modernization project using a phased approach that involves discovery, planning, migration, validation, and optimization. HCLTech uses a combination of tools, such as Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Database Migration Service, and third-party tools, to migrate the customer's workloads, such as servers, databases, applications, and data, to Azure. HCLTech ensures that the migration is done with minimal downtime, data loss, and disruption to the customer's business operations.

HCLTech Solution for Migration: HCLTech Cloud Migration Services

Migration to Azure VMWare services (AVS): HCLTech helps customers to migrate and modernize their workloads to Azure VMWare Solution (AVS), a Microsoft-Azure service that enables customers to run their VMWare-based workloads on Azure. HCLTech also helps customers to migrate and modernize their workloads to Azure native services, such as Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Cosmos DB, to take advantage of the cloud-native features and capabilities of Azure.

HCLTech Solution for AVS: HCLTech Azure VMWare Services

SAP Migration: HCLTech has a dedicated team of SAP experts who specialize in migrating and modernizing SAP workloads to Azure. HCLTech follows the SAP on Azure Migration Framework, a Microsoft-provided guidance that helps customers to migrate and modernize their SAP systems to Azure in a secure and efficient way. HCLTech helps customers to migrate and modernize their SAP workloads, such as SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, SAP HANA, and SAP Business Suite, to Azure, and leverage the benefits of Azure's scalability, performance, availability, and innovation.

HCLTech Solution for SAP on Azure:HCLTech Service for SAP on Azure

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