IBM Consulting Global OpenAI offering: Strategy, Hackathon and Implementation

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IBM Consulting's Azure OpenAI offering can help from defining your strategy, innovating your business processes through implementing and scaling across your enterprise.

A Strategize and Ideate:

Define an adoption strategy and an initial set of specific and value add Generative AI use cases. Assess the readiness of your data estate, your capabilities and your operating model and recommend a roadmap to execute the strategy

  1. Azure OpenAI Jumpstart Workshop
  2. OneAI AI Readiness Assessment and Strategy definition

Deliverables: • Use case(s) definition (business case) • Generative AI Strategy definition • Generative AI Readiness Assessment


  1. OpenAI Jumpstart Workshop The OpenAI jumpstart workshop brings together some of the brightest minds in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry to share best practices, explore key trends, and help you identify use cases that will deliver maximum impact.
  2. OpenAI AI Readiness The OpenAI AI Readiness Assessment evaluates the readiness of your data estate, your capabilities and your operating model and recommend a roadmap to execute the strategy. Led by IBM Consulting Generative AI SMEs, the team develops an enterprise-level Generative AI Strategy by using the Generative AI Assessment results.


1-day (Azure OpenAI Jumpstart Workshop) 4 weeks (Readiness and Strategy)

B. Hack and Innovate:

Raise awareness of Generative AI potential across your organization, enable your teams with the skills (tech and business) to ideate and select the appropriate use cases. Deliver a set of real working prototypes to help prioritizing your strategy, roadmap and investments.

  1. Design and Execute an Azure OpenAI Hackathon
  2. Learn and work alongside IBM OpenAI experts

Deliverables: • Use case(s) definition (solution + business case) • Working prototype (i.e. live demo) for each use case


  1. Teaming Attract participants and form hackathon teams integrating client’s experts with IBM Consulting and Neudesic SMEs
  2. Ideate and Train Led by IBM Consulting and Neudesic SMEs, teams define their use case and high-level implementation plan. Participants can attend a series of technical and business training sessions
  3. Develop Led by IBM Consulting and Neudesic SMEs, teams work on developing a use case prototype on an Azure OpenAI environment along with a pitch deck
  4. Evaluate IBM Consulting and Neudesic SMEs review all submitted prototypes and pitch decks to shortlist finalists
  5. Present Short-listed teams present their solutions to a client’s selected executives, IBM Consulting , Nedesic, Microsoft judging panel. Winning solution is awarded

Timeline: 4 weeks (Accelerated) 7 weeks (Extended)

C. Implement and Scale:

Establish a joint Azure OpenAI Implementation Garage to iteratively build and deploy in production the use cases identified and prioritized. Start with an initial MVP (i.e. one use case) and then scale through a proper underlying Data Platform and required MLOps capabilities

  1. Implement MVP for one selected use case
  2. Realize required improvements (e.g. Data Platform, MLOps, Ops Model) to scale

Deliverables: Use case live in production, i.e. benefits realized Organization ready to start scaling more use cases


  1. Co-Create Use Case: Deconstruct problem statements (e.g. identified use case through Jumpstart Workshop) by combining Strategy and Enterprise Design Thinking to identity and prioritize potential Azure OpenAI solutions. Develop a high-level solution architecture and use stories backlog for the MVP
  2. Co-Execute Use Case MVP: Build an MVP for the identified use case iteratively over a period of 12 weeks to deploy the solution in production and start delivering the expected business benefits
  3. Prepare to scale: Define and setup the required Data & AI Platform on Azure along with the required MLOps and Responsible AI capabilities to deliver new MVPs at scale