Virtual Data Center: 2 wk Implementation

Innofactor Norway

Azure - Virtual Data Center is a pre-configured Azure landingzone built with Infrastructure as code. The datacenter is secure and governed by design, and implemented from Innofactor code libraries.


Scaffold of the Virtual Datacenter, governed with best practices

  • Overview of the Virtual Datacenter Architecture
  • Governance and Policy Documentation and Workshops
  • Define and Review desiF decisions for implementation
  • Establish Organizational specific Governance and controls.

Focal Points

  • Subscription Hub/Spoke topology
  • Governance Definition of Account Provisioning
  • Definition of Hierarchy Management and Billing-Structure
  • Definition of Subscription Controls
  • The distribution of responsibility between Dev and Ops in a development scenario
  • Role Based Access control structure

Behavior driven management leveraging Azure Policy

  • Resource and Environment Management

  • Azure Services and SKU Management

  • Data placement, Storage Encryption

  • Definition of Naming conventions

  • Definition of a Tagging Scheme

Virtual Networking Architecture

  • Segmentation Schema

  • IP Addressing Plan

  • Traffic Flow

  • Implement a site-to-site VPN to one on-premise location

  • Storage solution for diagnostic and backup data

  • Audit trail for Hub Resources

  • Centralized instrumentation, telemetry and monitoring

  • Implement Azure backup solution for IaaS Virtual Machines

  • Definition of Resource compliance and Auditing

  • Definition of Cost Control

  • Provisioning VMs to enable extension of existing Azure Active Directory to Azure Datacenters