Microsoft Fabric Pilot - 4 Week Implementation

Insight Canada Inc

Fabric brings together existing offerings like Data Factory, Synapse, and Power BI into a single unified product for all your data and analytics workloads.

How we help

Insight helps your business understand how to make the most of your current data estate, and leverage the latest cloud data platform capabilities through Microsoft Fabric by: ​

Evaluating how much you actually spend, through a single bill and the flexibility to adjust resources based on your specific business needs.​

Easing deployment and management, to focus on governing the entire estate because of the SaaS-powered suite and use the time saved to uncover more insights.​

Giving your teams the power to quickly spin up data-backed insights powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, without compromising security and compliance.

What to expect ​

The engagement includes rapid deployment and configuration of Microsoft Fabric, with connectivity to a sample set of existing data sources. Specific activities include: ​

Targeted workshops cover estate assessment, risk migration strategies, Azure data services, networking and security foundations, governance and cost control​

Deployment and setup of Microsoft Fabric, based on best practice architecture, and aligned to sample use cases, with the right security and access controls​

Amazing speed to value, with integrated services across the spectrum of data ingestion, processing, business intelligence, machine learning, and real time reactivity.