Cybersecurity: 5-Day Assessment


The cybersecurity assessment examine the client's IT environment, identify unmanaged devices and establish controls to mitigate risk and gives a best practices report.

As part of the cybersecurity assessment, we examine your IT environment, identify unmanaged devices, for example, and establish controls to mitigate risk. We provide you with recommendations for action in a comprehensive report, which can be used as a foundation for further action in strengthening your cyber resilience.


  • With the Cybersecurity Assessment, we can help you establish processes to reduce cyber risks.
  • We identify unmanaged devices, discuss policies and controls to mitigate risk, and address any immediate vulnerabilities you have.
  • You will receive a comprehensive report with recommended actions for risk mitigation and how to set up your cloud infrastructure on Azure.

Planned activities:

  • Workshop for preliminary analysis, recording of the current situation and general conditions
  • Installation and configuration of the CSA toolkit, scan of the environment, questionnaire, data analysis
  • Preparation of a report (maturity assessment, recommendations and action plan on Azure)
  • Debriefing

Assumptions & Delimitations:

  • The CSA toolkit requires a Microsoft Cloud Maturity. The higher the cloud services usage, the more comprehensive the report and recommendations.
  • As part of the assessment, a scan of the environment is performed and a report is generated. No security measures are implemented by isolutions.