Landing Zone Quickstart

Jumar Technology Ltd

Establish a secure and robust foundation for your Azure Deployments

By using Azure landing zones, organizations can save time and reduce the risk of errors that come with manually setting up their Azure environment. They can also provide a solid foundation for implementing key cloud scenarios, such as disaster recovery, data protection, and compliance with industry standards. This quickstart will follow best practices from the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and Enterprise Scale Landing Zones to deliver a design for you Azure Platform that provides a solid foundation for the future, regardless of how you plan to use Azure.

The engagement will be comprised of a series (of up to 8) workshops, each focussed on a particular design area (e.g. Networking, Security, Governance, etc) in the specific context of the customer and their legal, compliance and organisational constraints. The Landing Zone design is then synthesised from a combination of best practice and decisions made in the preceding workshops, and recorded in an Enterprise Scale Landing Zone Design document that contains all the information needed to run the standard Microsoft landing zone templates and build your physical landing zone directly into Azure. A sample Table of Contents from the design document can be seen in the supporting documents for this offer,