Developer Velocity Accelerator: 2 day assessment


Not all change is about technology and through our Developer Velocity Assessment we pinpoint the levers to improve your velocity and generate more business value.

With multiple Microsoft Azure advanced specialisations and over 36 years of experience in helping organisations of all sizes - including some the largest UK government departments - we can help you drive digital transformation on your terms, enabling you to adopt new technologies and improve ways of working.

How fast can you react to change? Seize new market opportunities? Embrace new ways of working?

Not all change is about technology and through our Developer Velocity Assessment – underpinned by extensive industry studies – we pinpoint the levers which will enable you to improve your velocity using the full suite of Microsft Azure technologies to generate more business value.

The assessment process

We realise that assessments can require a considerable time investment from our customers, so our approach is to engage quickly, discover rapidly and minimise the burden on your team – we do the leg work and ask simple questions:

  1. Alignment call: To kick things off we’ll provide an overview of the assessment process, identify the assessment sponsor and the relevant stakeholder groups to engage through the subsequent steps.
  2. Velocity workshop: We host a workshop to learn more about your business, current working practices and any challenges you are experiencing.
  3. Peer to peer engagement: Our experts’ setup 1-2-1 sessions with members of the target stakeholder groups to build a bottom-up view of the organisation.
  4. Report: We compile our findings into a report with our key recommendations and discuss this with the project sponsor.

What do you get?

  • A report identifying your Developer Velocity Index score and key recommendations to accelerate your velocity.
  • perspective on increasing your speed of delivery decoupled from technology (not all change is about DevOps tools or migrating services to cloud).
  • Expert advice aligned to industry best practice and informed through experience.